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types of medical practice in radiology

Types of Medical Practice in Radiology

This post is a summary of the different types of medical practice that exist in radiology and some key differences between them. It also contains tips on how to find your ideal practice setting based on your interests, goals, and desired lifestyle.

Radiology Modalities BrettMollard.com

Radiology Modalities – A Comprehensive Guide

Radiology consists of multiple imaging techniques (radiology modalities) that are available in modern medical practices today. Each imaging modality is unique with its own benefits and limitations. This article breaks down each modality in detail.

Future of Radiology - BrettMollard.com

The Future of Radiology (Radiologist Perspective)

Radiology is facing some challenges in the coming years, but the future of radiology is still bright. Artificial intelligence will help radiologists become more efficient and identify clinically significant incidental findings.

Why Radiology is the Best Specialty - BrettMollard.com Blog

9 Reasons Why Radiology is the Best Specialty

It’s no surprise that radiology is one of the most popular specialties in medicine. Here are my nine reasons why radiology is the best specialty to work in! I also include considerations for why medical students might decide not to pursue it.

38 Great Gifts for Doctors to Make Them Smile - BrettMollard.com

38 Great Gifts for Doctors to Make Them Smile

If you’re looking for ideas on gifts for doctors, look no further! Whether you’re a patient or family or friends of a doctor, you’ll find thoughtful gift ideas here that are sure to please.

Brett Mollard, MD

Brett Mollard, MD

Dr. Mollard is a board-certified radiologist who specializes in abdominal imaging and nuclear medicine. He served as Chief Resident during his radiology residency at the University of Michigan and was awarded the Outstanding Fellow Teaching Award at the University of California, San Francisco. He is passionate about education and mentorship and has a goal of spreading awareness about the power of imaging to improve patient care.